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Keeping it Sexy

2011 Fall Makeup Trends

As the weather begins to get a little cooler and the leaves start to fall from the trees, it's a sign to revamp not only your wardrobe but your makeup collection as well to coincide with the season. As trends change year to year, 2011 is no exception, especially in the arena of makeup. Keep it sexy as you begin to bundle up, here are top trends for fall 2011 makeup trends.

Try taking things to a new level with smoky metallic eyes. Some metallic eyeshadow can take your eyes from smoky to smoldering. To start, rim the eyes with black eyeliner, try CoverGirl LiquilineBlast Eyeliner Pencil in Blackfire. Then brush a charcoal shadow over your lids and into the crease. You can then use a metallic shade and dust it over your lids to make them pop.

Add to your dramatic eye using multiple coats of mascara. If wearing your hair up, try widening your eyes by skipping the liner and eyeshadow and just applying multiple coats to the top lashes alone.

One of the most attractive features of a woman's face are her lips. Try using a dark burgundy or a bold red wine color. After you apply the color, take a clear gloss and place a dab in the center of your bottom lip to make your pout extra sexy. Remember to keep the rest of your makeup simple with this look.

In the fall it's okay to pretend you worked out for hours and threw on an amazing gown to go out, instead of going through the trouble of huffing it on the treadmill, just apply some cream blush instead. Most cream blushes can duo as a lipstick, as well. Keep the look natural.

All of these fall makeup trends of 2011 mesh well with the "in colors" for the season, as well such as bamboo and emberglow, just to name a few. In using these trends, you're sure to stay sexy for the fall. Keep heating things up as everything else begins to cool down.