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Maybelline Eye Liner Can Make Your Eyes Pop

Most women will quickly say that they hate wearing a ton of makeup on their face. Too many makeup products make them feel weighed down and makes their faces feel dirty. They also will tell you that they don’t have a lot of time each day to wear a lot of makeup. Yet, there are essential cosmetics that every woman will wear almost every day. For this writer, one of those cosmetics is her eye liner and to be precise it is her Maybelline ExpertWear Eyeliner.

This is the brand that she has worn for years. Yes, one could stay that when she finds something she loves she tends to stick with it. This eyeliner is one of those items.

The eyeliner is a smooth one. It isn’t a hard pencil type. It is the creamy type that never pinches her delicate eye skin. Another plus, is that it never has to be sharpened. When the tip becomes low, one simply twists the bottom of the pencil and the liner becomes long, again. Yes, it is retractable and it isn’t so fragile that it breaks, easily.

How does the liner actually make her eyes pop? First, she applies her eyes shadow. This application varies depending on where she is going and how dramatic she wants her eyes to look. But it isn’t the eye shadows that really make her eyes pop. It is the eyeliner.

This she applies to both her lower and top lashes. She pays extra attention to the inner corner, bringing that line out just a little as the lines meet. If any mistakes are made, the sponge brush on the tip of the eye liner itself can be used to help correct it.

This is how her eyes pop. This is how she has the look of bigger eyes and this is how she makes herself feel more confident before leaving the house.