Top Spring Beauty Survival Must Haves

Top Spring Beauty Survival Must Haves

Must Have Weapons In One's Cosmetic Bag

As the weather gets warmer, there are just some items a woman must have on hand to survive. These are important beauty survival items. These are items this writer loves to keep handy, especially in her purse, when she is carrying her favorite over-sized bags. These items can get her through some of those hectic and steamy days. What do they include?

First, this writer loves lipsticks. Lipsticks give her a nice uplifting look when she is tired, and she has one of her many headaches. They even help give her a spring glow. Now that spring has arrived, she has exchanged some of the darker shades for a bit brighter ones. She also loves the glossy shades. Plus, she loves the brands that make her lips feel moisturized. Yes, lips can even dry out during the spring-time. This can be due to the harsh sun rays and those nasty breezes that are being carried over from April. This is why she keeps as at least two lipsticks in her makeup survival bag, at all times.
Her next favorite survival arsenal is a press powder.  Some people may think that this is a bit old fashioned. But it helps her to hide those vicious under-eye circles, those few blemishes that pop out and helps to keep her face from looking so dew like because of the hot days. This is only something that she wears when there is a reason.

Finally, she loves to carry absorbent face wipes. Yes, these little absorbent face wipes or clothes are perfect to touch up her face when it is hot and sweaty, while leaving her makeup perfectly enact. It also makes her feel cooler.

At home there are also two more items she adores. Those are her bronzer and her self-tanning spray. The bronzer gives her face a sun-touch look when she hasn’t had time to use her tanning sprays or in between uses. The tanning sprays are the perfect solution to looking like you have a tan, without damaging your skin.

These items are what helps her enjoy spring and summer. They also help her to look better, as she is  enjoying these favorite seasons.