Tips to keep your makeup from melting

Tips to keep your makeup from melting

Humidity and heat resistant makeup tips to help you survive the summer

July is just starting, yet those 100 degree temperatures have already been seen by many people across the nation. This doesn’t mean we have to stop enjoying our beauty products or looking beautiful. What it does mean is that we may have to revamp our beauty routine to guard our products and our skin from all these temperatures, as well as the humidity. Here are some tips on how we can do this.

First, we need to start by applying primer to our faces. This goes on after any moisturizer you may want to use and before any other makeup. It will only take a few minutes to apply. What is the benefit? The primer will act like a base for your other makeup. The primer is light and it will help hold any other makeup you apply in place, even during hot temperatures.

You could switch to some tinted makeup. This will give your skin that sun kissed glow, without the sun. First, you know the sun is bad for your skin. It will age you. It may give you skin cancer. Secondly, who wants to lie in the sun during a heat wave?  You can use tinted moisturizer, as well as a tinted blush.

Purchase and enjoy some special makeup. This can include no-run mascara and non-smear makeup. You can also switch to some lighter cleansers and light weight moisturizer, especially during those heat waves.  Finally, you may want to switch your usual perfume for a light scented body mist.

Yes, we can all feel and look beautiful, even during a heat wave. It just may take a few more minutes per day and an extra shower or two.