Spring Makeup Beauty Trends

Spring Makeup Beauty Trends

Women are adding bronzers and new shades to their makeup routines.

Spring is in the air. This means many women will be changing their makeup colors. Many women will be choosing some lighter shades. Some women will be switching out their red lipsticks for pinker shades. Some women may even choose lighter shades of blushes. What else may they choose to revamp their look now that spring is approaching?

As the weather warms, the sun will be shining more. Since women know that it is a no-no to lie out in the warm sun and it is a no-no to lie in the warm tanning beds, women have found a new way to get that sunny glow they love. They have found that bronzers can give them this glow, without any sun damage. For this reason, many are adding these bronzers to their makeup routine.

Some women may be adding bronzers all over their faces and skipping the usual the pink blushes. Some women may skip the full face bronzers and just add a touch of bronze to their eyes or lips. However, most women will choose to add a touch of bronze to their makeup routines off and on, especially on those warm spring evenings.

Another makeup trend that is getting some attention is the look of orange. Yes, orange is appearing on the lips in the form of lipsticks and lip stains. It is showing up on some cheeks in a new shade of blush and even on the eyes in an eye popping eye shade.

This writer finds some of the orange lipsticks and lip stains doable. They especially look nice with those with light colored hair. However, the orange eye shades are a bit much, in this writer’s opinion.

What do you think? Could you see yourself in orange lipsticks, eye shades or will you still with the bronzers and the pink shades?