Physician’s Youthwear Foundation Coverage Can Hide Flaws

Physician’s Youthwear Foundation Coverage Can Hide Flaws

It Can Also Make You Look Younger?

The claim sounds like a simple one. Physician’s Youthful wear claims to make one look ten years younger. Now think about the claim. It really isn’t simple. It is just simple sounding.

How is it supposed to make one ten years younger? The foundation formula is supposed to melt into the skin and instantly even out one’s skin. It is supposed to glide on effortlessly. It is suppose to help hide those tiny lines and wrinkles that can make all of us look older. Over time, it is also suppose to help firm the skin and improve elasticity. Does it do all of this?

This writer hasn’t really been using it long enough to know if it will make her look ten years younger. She did try it a couple of times and agreed that it goes on smoothly. However, she did use the brush that came with the coverage/foundation formula. She used one of her favorite, clean, foam, sponge, wedge applicators.  It was easy to apply. It did glide on like the package indicated. It also helped to hide those small lines that were beginning around her eyes, without any additional eye concealer being used. It also helped to hide most of that one annoying parenthesis type wrinkle that had also began forming near her mouth.

She also liked the color. She choose the light formula since she has a fair complexion. She definitely liked the fact that it had a SPF 15 mixed into the ingredients. She keeps hearing how important it is to use daily sunscreen protection on one’s face.

She plans to continue using the makeup and see if these wrinkles do improve. She is hoping for the best.

If you wish to try this brand of cosmetic, it is located at most department stores, such as Wal-Mart.