How to get your skin to glow -- without the sun

How to get your skin to glow -- without the sun

Sun glowing tips: While staying in the shade

We all know that the sun isn’t healthy for our skin. Yes, we need 20 minutes or so of the sun a day to get the vitamin D we need to for our bones. Amounts over 20 minutes can begin to cause sun damage to our skin. This damage can include premature aging, which can appear as fine lines and wrinkles and skin cancer. This is reason for us to stay out of the sun. Yet, nobody wants to look pale. Most of us would agree that we enjoy the glow that the sun gives us. Here are some ways to achieve that glow, without the sun.

Enjoy the glow from a simple bronzer. Don’t be afraid of bronzer. It doesn’t have to look fake. You just need to apply it correctly and choose the right shade. First, never purchase a bronzer that appears orange in color. Nobody wants to look orange. Look for a color that is close to the original shade and then purchase it a shade lighter. Next apply it in the right spots. Some perfect areas are your T-zone, which is your forehead, cheeks and just a tad bit on your neck.

Apply the correct self-tanners. You don’t want to use the ones that contain ingredients that can strip from color. This includes those tanners that contain mineral oil. When applying self tanners, remember you can’t over do it when you are applying the lotion. Your body will only react so much to the ingredients within the product. Over-applying the product will not cause you to look splotchy. Spottiness occurs when one misses areas.  One should moisturize your skin daily and a good rule of thumb is to try to moisturize about 12 hours before any tanning application.

If one wants their hair to have a sunny glow, they should consider applying lemon juice to their hair. Mixing the juice of half a lemon with two cups of water and applying as a pre-shampoo rinse is the perfect way to get this summer glow. Blonds will benefit the most from this mixture. However, brunettes and redheads may see some brightening. After applying the rinse, one should shampoo and condition the hair as usual.