Gel Nails: The solution to chipping nails

Gel Nails: The solution to chipping nails

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It doesn’t matter if it is spring, summer, fall or winter. Women love to have pretty nails all year round. The best way to achieve this look is a fresh manicure. Sometimes these manicures are performed at home and sometimes they are performed at the salon. However, both types of manicures have one thing in common. They tend to follow the newest trend. What trend are many women trying to follow this season? That could be the gel nail trend.

Gel nails are a type of polish that can last longer than the normal kind. In fact, a manicure that is done with a gel polish can last up to two weeks, without chipping. This is great for those women who love to watch their hands many times a day.

What do you these polishes contain? They mainly contain one of these two chemical ingredients: methyl acrylate and butylated hyrdoxyanisol. The methyl acryalte may cause an allergic reaction in some women, especially those prone to contact dermatis. The other chemical is known to be a cancer causing agent. However, this may depend on how frequently one comes into contact with the chemical.

The gel polish can last without chipping because it is cured onto the fingernail with an ultra-violet light. This is the same type of light that can cause skin cancer. Applying sunscreen onto one’s fingers can help protect the skin from this light. It is also advisable not to get these types of polishes regularly because of this reason, even if you love them.

Are gel nail polish manicures dangerous? Further research will have to be conducted to find this out for sure. However, for now, it is this writer’s guess that many women will continue to get these done, at least once in a while.

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