Choosing The Perfect Mascara

Choosing The Perfect Mascara

Mascara can help one’s eyes to pop.

Mascara is one thing on most women’s must have cosmetic lists. Mascara can help open one’s eyes. Mascara can help lengthen one’s lashes. Mascara can just basically help one’s eyes to pop. But how do you choose the perfect mascara for you?

Go to the cosmetic counter and look at all the mascara options. There are mascaras that will add volume. There are mascaras that will lengthen one’s lashes. There are mascaras that promise not to smudge. There are mascaras that promise to moisturize one’s lashes. There are mascaras in basic black, brown and even grays. How do you choose?

Begin by figuring out what you really need for your own eyes and your own lashes. This means actually looking at your lashes. Are they sparse? Do they need some lengthening? Do they feel dry? Do they actually need any moisturizing?

Do you need a waterproof formula? Really think about this question.  The answer is probably yes. Most women need this type of mascara. Think about it for a moment. Moisturize is bound to touch your lashes throughout the day from the humidity in the air and from your own possible tears. Yes, we are apt to tear from the weather, allergies or even sadness. This can mean we will look like a raccoon without the waterproof mascara. Plus, if we purchase the waterproof formula, it won’t smear as quickly.

Next, heed these words. Expensive doesn’t always mean better. There is nothing wrong with purchasing inexpensive mascaras. They can work as well as the expensive name brand ones. In fact, many people may prefer them. What one does need to remember is that they do need to replace all their mascaras every three months. Bacteria can form on these brushes. This bacterium is not good for your lashes.

Now what is the ideal mascara to buy? It depends on your taste, your wants and your needs.

This writer prefers to purchase Maybelline’s Great Lash Mascara, in the color of brown and black. Yet, this is just her preference. That doesn’t mean it will work perfectly for you.