Budget Lipsticks Provide Coverage As Long As Expensive Brands

Budget Lipsticks Provide Coverage As Long As Expensive Brands

Plus They Come In Great Colors

Do you love the look lipstick provides? Do you love how lipstick gives your whole face an extra glow? Do you love how some lipsticks provide extra moisture to your lips? Do you hate the prices that are placed on those expensive brands? Do you realize that some of the budget lipsticks can provide long lasting coverage, great color choices and moisturize for your lips? One such lipstick that can provide all of these options is a budget brand known as N.Y.C.

N.Y.C. stands for New York Color. These lipsticks come in a variety of styles and colors. This writer’s current favorite is a ruby shade. Its number is 305. It only cost 97 cents at her local Wal-Mart store. What does she like best about this lipstick?

First, she would have to say she loves the shade. It is a perfect rose pink shade for spring. Next, she loves the long lasting coverage. She noticed the first time she wore it that the lipstick stayed on for over three hours and this was through the act of eating dinner. That was impressive. Not even all expensive brands can claim that achievement. Finally, she liked how the lipstick made her lips feel. There seem to be moisturizers built into the lipstick.

If one wants to check out this brand of lipsticks, they have a website. The cool part is that the one this writer bought wasn’t even the lipstick that is considered their long lasting one. The one she bought is their moisturize lipstick. However, there is a long lasting lipstick that sells for $1.99 and a lipstain that sells for $4.99.

Where does N.Y.C. brand of lipsticks sell? According to their website, they sell at such stores as:  Wal-Mart, Family Dollar and some Sears stores.