Beauty items to pack for the ultimate beach day

Beauty items to pack for the ultimate beach day

Essentials for your beach bag

It is a bright sunny day. Want do you want to do? If you are thinking about heading to the beach, don’t forget to pack your beach bag with all the basic beauty essentials.

Yes, it may be imperative to take that favorite juicy novel for reading. A towel to lay on or to wipe off your hands. Plus, you know you have to have proper sunscreen. Yet, you have to have some beauty essentials to make sure you stay pretty all day long, despite the sun glare and the heat.

One should start by thinking about how they can beat that glow that the heat and sun will cause. Yes, we know that glow is actually caused from sweat. But that isn’t a fun word to use when describing a woman. For that reason, we will just say that women don’t sweat; they glow. 

To combat this extra glow, a woman should pack some blotting papers, which will remove the excess glow and leave behind her makeup. She may also want to pack some light translucent powder. Most of these powders come in compacts with a mirror, which will give her a way to check out her complexion throughout the day.

Sunglasses are a perfect way to keep the sun and sand out of your eyes. However, one may decide to take these off for a while, to keep from getting those white rings from forming around the eyes. If one does decide to take the glasses off, one may want to make sure they have some saline drops in their beach bag. These saline eye drops can help combat any effects from dry eyes caused from the heat, the sun and the blowing sand. It can even help remove any redness from one’s eyes.

Finally, one should never forget their lips on a day at the beach. One should want lush beautiful lips wherever they are. The best way to achieve this on the beach, without looking over made up in cosmetics is to use tinted chapped stick. This will protect your lips from dryness caused from the sun, the heat and possible wind. It will also give you a small amount of color.

What is left to pack in your beach bag? You may want to add a small notebook and a pen, in case you want to give out your phone number to all those hot guys, who are sure to be asking for it, since you know you are going to be looking beautiful.