2012 Spring Makeup Trends

2012 Spring Makeup Trends

Will any of the new trends appeal to you?

Are you a beauty trend follower? Do you love to try new products and new colors? If you are, then 2012 and the newest trends are sure to excite you. What are some of the hottest trends this season?

According to Harper’s Bazaar, some of the trends this season, which were seen on the runways, include a mix of some of the old and the new looks. This includes rouge lips that some of us may remember our grandmothers trying to perfect, glittery eye accents that gave off a futuristic look, as well as natural tones and the smoky eye look that many of us have come to love.

This may mean that the overall look will be pairing some vintage looks with some natural modern twists. Some of these trends may be doable for most women.

However, the rouge red lipstick look won’t be a trend that will work for all of us women. For example, this writer has pale skin and reddish blonde hair. When she tries to pull off red lipsticks, all one ever sees is the red lipstick. It is too bold for her features. However, she feels she looks better in mauve colors and she loves the look of lipstick and hates leaving home without it.

Now on some women the rouge lips would look marvelous. It would make them looks sexy and give their lips the pouty look they may be craving.

The smoky eye look is one many women love. This is a look that looks especially good on women with brown eyes or eyes that they want to pop. It makes the eyes stand out and it gives them a sexy, almost cat-like look. Yes, it does take a little practice to create this look.

Natural and neutral shades are shades that most women will agree looks the best on them. They help hide their imperfections and help accentuate their best features. They also do this without people actually noticing the makeup itself. Most women feel like these are qualities that make every type of makeup a winner in their book and will gladly want to keep close at hand.

Finally, those glittery eye accents are fun to wear, especially at night. They make a woman feel young, vibrant and sexy. They also make a statement that says "look at me!" Once in a while, every woman wants to have people look at her and what better way to say this then through their makeup?

Yes, spring is here. The new spring trends are here, too. Yes, some will be misses and some will be hits. However, you have to admit they all are fun to try.