Latest makeup trends

Makeup trends for late summer

Late summer means hot days. Yet, this doesn’t mean that women don’t want to look and feel beautiful. What are the latest makeup trends that the celebrities making popular?

Well, the shocking trend is the natural look. Yes, that is right. It seems like many celebrities are having a blast shooting photos of themselves going natural and tweeting them for the world to see. Celebs such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Demi Lovato and even Kim Kardashian posted photos of themselves.

Kim Kardashian’s snapshot even had her surrounded by her bathroom countertop that was filled with beauty products. Does this mean that these celebrities or even real women are going to quit wearing makeup? NO!  It just means that they want to prove that they are human, like the rest of us. It may even help the makeup industry sell more of their products.

With that being reported now, are you wondering what is hot this summer in the makeup world?

Sorbet peach shades are one of the hottest makeup shades. Don’t scoff and don’t think that these peach type shades are just for those twenty-somethings. In fact, they will work for all ages. They can be worn in blushes, eye shadows and lipsticks. They will also work on a variety of skin tones.

The best way to wear these shades is to begin with a freshly washed face. Next, you may want to apply a regular moisturizer and you definitely want to apply a sunscreen. Finally, you can begin apply the makeup.

Start with a light foundation or tinted foundation. Apply lightly, using your fingers. Next, apply a cream to ivory color eye shadow over your entire eye lid. Next, apply just a tiny bit of purple along your lash line and out toward your brow line. Blend the colors together. Finish with your favorite mascara.

Add a little bit of peach blush to the apples of your eyes. Finally, add a shimmer peach lipstick to your lips. You will look magnificent and maybe even a few years younger.



Wear lip stain comfortably

"to prevent having flaky dried out lips, wear some lip balm before applying the lip stain"

I still remember how as a little girl I used to always play around with my mom’s makeup bag.  My favorite item to mess with was the lipstick.  So once I was old enough to have my own makeup items, the first thing I bought was naturally a tube of lipstick.

Lipsticks can add instant color, and are easy to apply.  However, they don’t usually stay on long enough.  That is why there is a recent demand for lip stain. 

A good lip stain can keep color on your lips for most of the day.  They now come in a decent array of colors due to the newfound popularity of lip stain.  So you should have no problem finding at least one color that suits your personal style and taste—or simply a color that matches your outfit for the day.

The biggest complaint people usually have about lip stain is that they can be too drying on the lips.  To combat this problem, you are going to need to take the time to moisturize your lips regularly.  A good lip balm can usually do the trick.

So to prevent having flaky dried out lips, wear some lip balm before applying the lip stain.  Then add on more moisturizing lip balm once the lip stain has already been applied.   Doing so should allow your lips to feel comfortable enough while still enjoying the long-lasting benefits of a lip stain.

On the days that you don’t wear the lip stain, you should still try to keep your lips hydrated.  That means still try to remember to wear the lip balm.  It will keep your lips feeling nice and smooth.

How to get your skin to glow -- without the sun

Sun glowing tips: While staying in the shade

We all know that the sun isn’t healthy for our skin. Yes, we need 20 minutes or so of the sun a day to get the vitamin D we need to for our bones. Amounts over 20 minutes can begin to cause sun damage to our skin. This damage can include premature aging, which can appear as fine lines and wrinkles and skin cancer. This is reason for us to stay out of the sun. Yet, nobody wants to look pale. Most of us would agree that we enjoy the glow that the sun gives us. Here are some ways to achieve that glow, without the sun.

Enjoy the glow from a simple bronzer. Don’t be afraid of bronzer. It doesn’t have to look fake. You just need to apply it correctly and choose the right shade. First, never purchase a bronzer that appears orange in color. Nobody wants to look orange. Look for a color that is close to the original shade and then purchase it a shade lighter. Next apply it in the right spots. Some perfect areas are your T-zone, which is your forehead, cheeks and just a tad bit on your neck.

Apply the correct self-tanners. You don’t want to use the ones that contain ingredients that can strip from color. This includes those tanners that contain mineral oil. When applying self tanners, remember you can’t over do it when you are applying the lotion. Your body will only react so much to the ingredients within the product. Over-applying the product will not cause you to look splotchy. Spottiness occurs when one misses areas.  One should moisturize your skin daily and a good rule of thumb is to try to moisturize about 12 hours before any tanning application.

If one wants their hair to have a sunny glow, they should consider applying lemon juice to their hair. Mixing the juice of half a lemon with two cups of water and applying as a pre-shampoo rinse is the perfect way to get this summer glow. Blonds will benefit the most from this mixture. However, brunettes and redheads may see some brightening. After applying the rinse, one should shampoo and condition the hair as usual.



Beauty items to pack for the ultimate beach day

Essentials for your beach bag

It is a bright sunny day. Want do you want to do? If you are thinking about heading to the beach, don’t forget to pack your beach bag with all the basic beauty essentials.

Yes, it may be imperative to take that favorite juicy novel for reading. A towel to lay on or to wipe off your hands. Plus, you know you have to have proper sunscreen. Yet, you have to have some beauty essentials to make sure you stay pretty all day long, despite the sun glare and the heat.

One should start by thinking about how they can beat that glow that the heat and sun will cause. Yes, we know that glow is actually caused from sweat. But that isn’t a fun word to use when describing a woman. For that reason, we will just say that women don’t sweat; they glow. 

To combat this extra glow, a woman should pack some blotting papers, which will remove the excess glow and leave behind her makeup. She may also want to pack some light translucent powder. Most of these powders come in compacts with a mirror, which will give her a way to check out her complexion throughout the day.

Sunglasses are a perfect way to keep the sun and sand out of your eyes. However, one may decide to take these off for a while, to keep from getting those white rings from forming around the eyes. If one does decide to take the glasses off, one may want to make sure they have some saline drops in their beach bag. These saline eye drops can help combat any effects from dry eyes caused from the heat, the sun and the blowing sand. It can even help remove any redness from one’s eyes.

Finally, one should never forget their lips on a day at the beach. One should want lush beautiful lips wherever they are. The best way to achieve this on the beach, without looking over made up in cosmetics is to use tinted chapped stick. This will protect your lips from dryness caused from the sun, the heat and possible wind. It will also give you a small amount of color.

What is left to pack in your beach bag? You may want to add a small notebook and a pen, in case you want to give out your phone number to all those hot guys, who are sure to be asking for it, since you know you are going to be looking beautiful.

Liquid vs. powder foundation

Foundation is an essential part of a woman’s makeup routine.  I know for sure it is the one makeup item that I definitely cannot go without.  Makeup foundation helps to hide blemishes and gives your skin tone an all-over even look.  So there is no real debate about whether it is beneficial to use foundation.  The true question is whether to use liquid or powder foundation.Most women already have a preference in place.  However, some are still new to the art of applying makeup, and have not figured out which type of foundation they actually prefer.  Hopefully, I can help.

Generally speaking, there are more females using liquid foundation than there are females using the powder kind.  The reason being that liquid foundation is easier to apply.  Plus it is not too hard to find a liquid foundation color that can match the shade of your skin.  So the finished look will be pretty natural and flawless.  However, there are some pitfalls to liquid foundation.  It can clog up the pores on your face, and cause acne to form on your face.  Also, it is not the best makeup choice for people with oily skin, since it can cause your skin to look somewhat greasy.

On the other hand, powder foundation is a much better choice for anyone who has oily skin.  The powder can help to absorb some of the excess oil on your face.  So that in the end you will not have too much shine going on.  Unfortunately, powder foundation’s absorbing powers can make it inappropriate for those with dry skin.  It can really flake out your skin, and make you look bad.

Tips to keep your makeup from melting

Humidity and heat resistant makeup tips to help you survive the summer

July is just starting, yet those 100 degree temperatures have already been seen by many people across the nation. This doesn’t mean we have to stop enjoying our beauty products or looking beautiful. What it does mean is that we may have to revamp our beauty routine to guard our products and our skin from all these temperatures, as well as the humidity. Here are some tips on how we can do this.

First, we need to start by applying primer to our faces. This goes on after any moisturizer you may want to use and before any other makeup. It will only take a few minutes to apply. What is the benefit? The primer will act like a base for your other makeup. The primer is light and it will help hold any other makeup you apply in place, even during hot temperatures.

You could switch to some tinted makeup. This will give your skin that sun kissed glow, without the sun. First, you know the sun is bad for your skin. It will age you. It may give you skin cancer. Secondly, who wants to lie in the sun during a heat wave?  You can use tinted moisturizer, as well as a tinted blush.

Purchase and enjoy some special makeup. This can include no-run mascara and non-smear makeup. You can also switch to some lighter cleansers and light weight moisturizer, especially during those heat waves.  Finally, you may want to switch your usual perfume for a light scented body mist.

Yes, we can all feel and look beautiful, even during a heat wave. It just may take a few more minutes per day and an extra shower or two.

Gel Nails: The solution to chipping nails

Another great nail idea

It doesn’t matter if it is spring, summer, fall or winter. Women love to have pretty nails all year round. The best way to achieve this look is a fresh manicure. Sometimes these manicures are performed at home and sometimes they are performed at the salon. However, both types of manicures have one thing in common. They tend to follow the newest trend. What trend are many women trying to follow this season? That could be the gel nail trend.

Gel nails are a type of polish that can last longer than the normal kind. In fact, a manicure that is done with a gel polish can last up to two weeks, without chipping. This is great for those women who love to watch their hands many times a day.

What do you these polishes contain? They mainly contain one of these two chemical ingredients: methyl acrylate and butylated hyrdoxyanisol. The methyl acryalte may cause an allergic reaction in some women, especially those prone to contact dermatis. The other chemical is known to be a cancer causing agent. However, this may depend on how frequently one comes into contact with the chemical.

The gel polish can last without chipping because it is cured onto the fingernail with an ultra-violet light. This is the same type of light that can cause skin cancer. Applying sunscreen onto one’s fingers can help protect the skin from this light. It is also advisable not to get these types of polishes regularly because of this reason, even if you love them.

Are gel nail polish manicures dangerous? Further research will have to be conducted to find this out for sure. However, for now, it is this writer’s guess that many women will continue to get these done, at least once in a while.

More information on this type of manicure can be found at


Top Spring Beauty Survival Must Haves

Must Have Weapons In One's Cosmetic Bag

As the weather gets warmer, there are just some items a woman must have on hand to survive. These are important beauty survival items. These are items this writer loves to keep handy, especially in her purse, when she is carrying her favorite over-sized bags. These items can get her through some of those hectic and steamy days. What do they include?

First, this writer loves lipsticks. Lipsticks give her a nice uplifting look when she is tired, and she has one of her many headaches. They even help give her a spring glow. Now that spring has arrived, she has exchanged some of the darker shades for a bit brighter ones. She also loves the glossy shades. Plus, she loves the brands that make her lips feel moisturized. Yes, lips can even dry out during the spring-time. This can be due to the harsh sun rays and those nasty breezes that are being carried over from April. This is why she keeps as at least two lipsticks in her makeup survival bag, at all times.
Her next favorite survival arsenal is a press powder.  Some people may think that this is a bit old fashioned. But it helps her to hide those vicious under-eye circles, those few blemishes that pop out and helps to keep her face from looking so dew like because of the hot days. This is only something that she wears when there is a reason.

Finally, she loves to carry absorbent face wipes. Yes, these little absorbent face wipes or clothes are perfect to touch up her face when it is hot and sweaty, while leaving her makeup perfectly enact. It also makes her feel cooler.

At home there are also two more items she adores. Those are her bronzer and her self-tanning spray. The bronzer gives her face a sun-touch look when she hasn’t had time to use her tanning sprays or in between uses. The tanning sprays are the perfect solution to looking like you have a tan, without damaging your skin.

These items are what helps her enjoy spring and summer. They also help her to look better, as she is  enjoying these favorite seasons.


2012 Spring Makeup Trends

Will any of the new trends appeal to you?

Are you a beauty trend follower? Do you love to try new products and new colors? If you are, then 2012 and the newest trends are sure to excite you. What are some of the hottest trends this season?

According to Harper’s Bazaar, some of the trends this season, which were seen on the runways, include a mix of some of the old and the new looks. This includes rouge lips that some of us may remember our grandmothers trying to perfect, glittery eye accents that gave off a futuristic look, as well as natural tones and the smoky eye look that many of us have come to love.

This may mean that the overall look will be pairing some vintage looks with some natural modern twists. Some of these trends may be doable for most women.

However, the rouge red lipstick look won’t be a trend that will work for all of us women. For example, this writer has pale skin and reddish blonde hair. When she tries to pull off red lipsticks, all one ever sees is the red lipstick. It is too bold for her features. However, she feels she looks better in mauve colors and she loves the look of lipstick and hates leaving home without it.

Now on some women the rouge lips would look marvelous. It would make them looks sexy and give their lips the pouty look they may be craving.

The smoky eye look is one many women love. This is a look that looks especially good on women with brown eyes or eyes that they want to pop. It makes the eyes stand out and it gives them a sexy, almost cat-like look. Yes, it does take a little practice to create this look.

Natural and neutral shades are shades that most women will agree looks the best on them. They help hide their imperfections and help accentuate their best features. They also do this without people actually noticing the makeup itself. Most women feel like these are qualities that make every type of makeup a winner in their book and will gladly want to keep close at hand.

Finally, those glittery eye accents are fun to wear, especially at night. They make a woman feel young, vibrant and sexy. They also make a statement that says "look at me!" Once in a while, every woman wants to have people look at her and what better way to say this then through their makeup?

Yes, spring is here. The new spring trends are here, too. Yes, some will be misses and some will be hits. However, you have to admit they all are fun to try.

Create A Sexy Look For Your Eyes, In Minutes

If you have to do your makeup in a hurry, you must not forget your eyes.

If you have to do your makeup in a hurry, you must not forget your eyes. The eyes are the window to our souls and our eyes gets the most attention. Luckily, applying makeup to our eyes doesn’t have to be a long process. In fact, the more often you practice applying makeup to your eyes, the fast this process will become.

First, keep on hand a neutral eye shadow shade that will go with everything that you wear. This can be a shade such as taupe or beige. Both are considered good choices. They also go with every eye shade. Apply this eye shadow to your eye lid and to the area above your eyes.

Next, apply a coat of eyeliner below your lashes and above your lashes. This will help your eyes pop, a little. If you have brown eyes you may want to choose a brownish black shade to help bring out the brown in your eyes. If you have another eye color, you may want to stick with the traditional black eyeliner.

Finally, you should apply a coat of your favorite mascara onto your lashes. This can be one that adds volume to your lashes or one that makes them longer.

The look will be a sexy one. It will be a look that took only minutes to complete.  Plus, it will be one that will make you feel more confident to face the day. These all are good selling points; wouldn’t you agree?